Client: University project at BURG Giebichenstein KH Halle
Supported by ︎︎︎Konrad Lohöfener & Philipp Stingl
Material: beech wood / beech formwood
Work: Concept  / design / prototyping
Location: Halle (Saale)
Date: 2021
Together with: ︎︎︎Becker GmbH

Photos by: ︎︎︎Studio Choreo

The first chair I can remember is the dining chair of my grandparents. This Chair was part of an konvolut of really minimalistic designed danish wooden chairs, all of them were highly elegant and appeared in a very simple way. All of the connetions were comprehensible and not hidden or concealed. I thought that this were a nice touch to show how a chair is made, and how it is connected. 
While designing this chair I always had this things in mind and ended up with a very elegant and simple chair. I also wanted to add some extra features and made it as lightweight as possible and with the minimum amount of material as needed. The chair is also stackable and made out of only one material. Some factors of sustainability that sometimes are forgotten.