Client: Part of Diploma Project / HS Wismar
Supported by ︎︎︎Stephan Schulz
Work: Concept, Design and Prototype
Material: Wood (ash), plywood (ash)
Location: Wismar
Date: 2020

Photos: by ︎︎︎Steffen Stender

This Object is part of my graduation project. If you want to get more informations about my graduation project, klick ︎︎︎HERE

Main part of the concept was to create a simple appearing seating furniture that is able to offer the possibilities to create a very peronal space. By building a frame structure around the seating area the simple furniture creates a little room, which can be closed by little interventions. This fact gives the opportunity to take a break from the sorrounding by closing the different sides. 

The main structure is easily assambled and can be build up by using a simple allen key.