Client: University project at HS Wismar /
Together with ︎︎︎Manon Klein
Material: Ceramic / technical Parts like Arduino, lamps, speakers and special Piezosensors 
Work: Design / manufacturing
Location: Wismar
Date: 2019 – 2020

For this project the haptic feeling for the tile was of foremost importance. It was our aim to construct a tile sensitive to the touch: light pressure or tapping will lead to an action. This tile could be especially useful in bathrooms, where it could replace switches to regulate light, ventilation or sound systems, turn the water on and off and regulate its temperature.
Underneath the tile there are piezoceramics, which - imbedded in silicone - transmit the stimulus to the tile. The tile‘s surface has been raised, making it easier for the user to recognize the reactive tile among all the others. We have been experimenting with ways to equip the two reactive tiles responsible for light and sound with clearly readable surfaces that will reveal them to the touch.
Theoretically, the system could also be used under different surfaces, such as wood paneling or shingles.