Jacobo Cuesta Wolf
Office for Design

Sustainability study  

Material: Steel, Powdercoat
Work: Research, Design and Prototype
Location: Halle (Saale)
Date: 2022
Together with: Ying Guo & Eric Geißler


We were asked by MAGAZIN to take a look at the Container DS and to analyse the sustaibability of this specific product. The Container was designed by Kuno Nüssli and works as an hommage to the well known shipping container.
After a detailed research of the components and a visit in the factory, we came up with a map, in which all stations of the production and lifespan of the container are held together and are easy comparable. This map shows also the CO2 emmissions and energy that is necessary to produce this container.

The second step was to transform our new knowledge into a new interpretation of the Container. We dismounted the container and assembled a new furniture piece with all parts of the Container DS.