Jacobo Cuesta Wolf
Office for Design

Client: Self initiated
Material: Steel, magnets, wood
Work: Design and Prototype
Location: Halle (Saale)
Date: 2021

This object is still free to edition.
Video by ︎︎︎Marianne Sellmaier

I decided to develop a simple but eyecatching mirror by polishing a simple sheet of stainless steel. To bring this object on the wall it only contains one screw. All other connections are hold together by strong magnets. This creates a absolute simple way of installing but also a rather simple way to change the height or the angle. Several of those magnets unter the bended area of the mirror allow to place keys intuitively under the strip. This creates a very light mirror that seams to hover the wall. A very futuristic, light and timeless object which will fit in in every situation.
By now I developed three different sizes.