Jacobo Cuesta Wolf
Office for Design

Material: ash plywood, electronic, one way mirror
Work: Concept / Design / Prototype
Location: Wismar
Date: 2020

Photos by ︎︎︎Steffen Stender & ︎︎︎Marianne Sellmaier

This Object is part of my graduation project. If you want to get more informations about my graduation project, klick ︎︎︎HERE

This Object combines two different stages. In the first stage it is a simple mirror, framed by simple plywood, which gives this object an simple, natural look. By this really natural and reduced design it fits in every surrounding by beeing also a silent object. The little switch at the side shows that there is a funtion. By switching the little switch the object transformes into the second stage in which it gets a lamp. The first mirrored surface gets transparent. Now it is possible to take a look behind the mirror.

In this way it is possible to store something into this silent object. This hidden thing will get an stage by transforming the object into a lamp.